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Vote here to Keep Your ArtsAlive!Voting begins July 1, 2013

Arts & Cultural organizations need your support!



What is Keep Your ArtsAlive!?

It is a project that was created in response to the impact of reduced funding for the non-profit arts and cultural organizations that entertain, enlighten and educate those in and around Allegan County.

How does Keep Your ArtsAlive! work?

Community members, tourists and those who appreciate the rich array of opportunities here in Allegan County vote for their favorite organizations. Votes cost $1 each and 100% of the voting dollars go to the organization receiving the votes.

Who can I vote for?

The organizations participating in Keep Your ArtsAlive! 2013 will be posted on April 1st. Votes are $1 each. Votes are counted from July 1st through September 2nd, 2013.

What kind of money has been raised to support the non-profit arts & cultural organizations?

In only three years, over $179,000 has been raised as votes; another $65,000 has been awarded in prize money!.

Why should I vote?

You may want to vote because you appreciate having a local library where you can access a world of arts & culture. You may remember an art show, a theatre production, a documentary or historical exhibit you enjoyed; all of which are provided by these organizations. You may just like knowing you live in a community where we still have these resources or you may like knowing that your support is tax deductible.

Regardless of why you vote, please do vote. It takes all of us to Keep Your Arts Alive!