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January 15, 2020

(Allegan MI) The Allegan County Community Foundation’s Love Your Hometown project has been cancelled for 2020. Last year, Love Your Hometown funded ten projects throughout Allegan County and Bloomingdale. Love Your Hometown encouraged community members to submit ideas to enhance, improve or beautify their hometown. Community members voted on the project they most wanted to see happen in their hometown.

“We are so disappointed to have to cancel,” shared Theresa Bray, the Foundation CEO.  “Last year we funded some great projects: a bike repair station along the Kal-Haven trail, a natural playground in Hamilton, a Founder’s Day celebration in Martin, free little libraries, and more. This year there were too few applications to hold the event. We will go back to the drawing board and determine if Love Your Hometown is going to return. Some great ideas were submitted, and we hope to seek other funding sources to help them come to fruition.”

The Foundation provides donors charitable giving opportunities which result in grants and scholarships. For more information about the Foundation, the upcoming peanut butter drive for county food pantries, scholarship deadlines, or donating, please visit:

Love Your Hometown

What is Love Your Hometown?

The Love Your Hometown grant program is open to everyone who wishes to improve, enhance or beautify their hometown. The public submits grant applications to the ACCF, each project is reviewed for appropriateness, adherence to eligibility, and for community benefit. Voting takes place on from February 14 – February 29th, 2020. Eleven $1,000 grants will be awarded in March at Reveal Events and projects are then completed by the end of the year by the grant recipient.

Inspiration Ideas

School District Areas Available for Love Your Hometown Grants

Allegan  |  Bloomingdale  |  Fennville  |  Hamilton  |  Hopkins  |  Martin   |   Otsego  |  Plainwell  |  Saugatuck   |  Wayland   |  Plus a Wild Card

Love Your Hometown Year 2 logo

Wild Card

What is the Love Your Hometown Wild Card winner? One project will be a chosen by the ACCF to receive a LYH grant. This project will be one that did not receive the most votes in their school district area, but the ACCF feels embodies the Love Your Hometown spirit.

Timelines for submitting, voting, revealing and completing grant projects

Love Your Hometown Timeline:

  • Applications due to the Allegan County Community Foundation by … December 31, 2019
  • Applicants notified of approval/decline of project by … January 31, 2020
  • Voting Takes Place … February 14 – 29, 2020
  • Reveal Events March 2020 … March 11: BloomingdaleMarch 14: Martin, Plainwell & OtsegoMarch 18: FennvilleMarch 21: Allegan & HamiltonMarch 25: SaugatuckMarch 28: Wayland & Hopkins
  • Projects must be completed by … December 31, 2020


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Participant Packet?2019-09-03T12:57:38-04:00

Participant Packets include:

  • Promotional materials to help you explain the project to others (and encourage them to vote!)
  • Two t-shirts! (additional shirts are available for purchase at
  • Electronic information: logo, social media information, etc.
What should I expect after I submit a project?2019-09-03T12:56:25-04:00

Each applicant will receive either a Participant Packet or a decline notification by January 31, 2020. (Be sure to fill in all contact information on the grant application.)

Is every project submitted eligible for votes?2019-09-03T12:54:54-04:00

Each project will be reviewed for appropriateness, adherence to eligibility, and for community benefit. Projects that involve public land will need to be approved by a local municipality. The Foundation will seek approval on your behalf. The Foundation reserves the right to decline applications that do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Is there a limit to how many people can participate in a project?2019-09-03T12:53:12-04:00

No! The more the merrier.

How often can people vote?2019-09-03T12:51:08-04:00

One time per day per person.

How do people vote?2019-09-03T12:48:32-04:00

By going to, looking over the submissions, and choosing your favorite projects.

Can my boy scout/girl scout/4-H Club/men’s group/women’s group, etc. submit a project?2019-09-03T12:46:58-04:00


Just be sure to have an adult sign the application if you are under 18.

What is the payment process for winning projects?2019-09-03T12:45:09-04:00

The Allegan County Community Foundation is not able to write checks to people, just tax-exempt organizations. The ACCF will arrange a tax-exempt organization responsible for accepting the check and overseeing the project expenses. Once signed contracts are turned in, checks will be processed.

How does a project receive a grant?2019-09-03T12:44:07-04:00

People will vote online for the project they would like to see happen in their hometown. The ten projects that receive the most votes will win up to $1,000.  PLUS, there will a Wildcard Winner that will receive up to $1,000 too!

Can I submit more than one project?2019-09-03T12:43:14-04:00


I live in Florida or another state or country now, can I still submit a project?2019-09-03T12:42:10-04:00


Do I need to be a resident of the town I am submitting the project for?2019-09-03T12:41:14-04:00


Can I apply if I live in Dorr, Glenn, Allegan Twp., Lee Twp., etc.?2019-09-03T12:40:29-04:00

If your project benefits a hometown in Allegan County OR Bloomingdale, you are welcome to apply. Remember there will be a Wild Card winner too.

What is the Wild Card Winner?2019-09-03T12:38:40-04:00

One project will be a chosen by the ACCF to receive a LYH grant. This project will be one that did not receive the most votes in their school district area, but the ACCF feels embodies the Love Your Hometown spirit.

2019 Love Your Hometown Grant Recipients

Martin – Winner #MARTIN180YEARS




Bloomingdale – Winner #BIKEREPAIRSTATION





Fennville – Winner #FENNVILLEMURAL

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