Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative
Cereal Drive FAQ

Why are you changing to a virtual cereal drive this year?
We just don’t know how COVID-19 will impact us over the next few months. We know the cereal drive must happen, so a virtual drive was the best compromise in order to keep donors, pantry workers, and recipient families safe.

Can I still make a donation in person?
Yes! Every Wednesday from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm the Goods Donation Center (United Way Allegan County building at 650 Grand, Allegan) is open to receive donations. Those donations are quarantined for a minimum of three days and then picked-up by the ACFPC pantry members. Plus, we are setting up Pop-Up Cereal Drive locations throughout the county, practicing social distancing to provide the opportunity for those who would like to donate. To learn when and where the Pop-Up Drives will be, follow us on social media, sign up for our e-newsletter here, or check our website at

Why cereal at this time?
During this time when unemployment has increased and families find themselves unable to provide for their children, a single box of cereal can provide several meals for a hungry child.

With the stimulus checks, increased unemployment payments, and school meal provisions – is there really a need for a cereal drive?
Absolutely. Those increases provided a brief reprieve from the panic of being food insecure. At this time, schools are uncertain how much longer they can provide meals, we know food pantries are experiencing a steady increase in new families seeking assistance, and with so much uncertainty during COVID-19, the infusion of cereal for the children will make a significant impact for families reaching out to keep hunger at bay.

What will financial donations be used for?
Cereal purchases only.

Why cereal?
The nutritional value of cereal has improved tremendously over recent years. We encourage donations of kid-friendly cereal with 12 grams of sugar or less per serving. Cereal is also something easy for kids to make themselves and one box can provide many meals or snacks.

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