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In light of the new health standards in place for food pantries, we are working to incorporate safety measures for donors and pantry members. To that end, a Goods Donation Center has been established at the United Way office in Allegan. During the COVID-19 crisis, proper protocol is necessary to protect everyone. You will find that protocol here.  As we have learned from the Allegan County Health Department, the virus can live on cardboard boxes for 24 hours and on food product packaging for up to 72 hours. The Goods Donation Center has protocol in place that addresses how the donor approaches the site right through to the pantries collecting the donations. Included in those protocols is the need to quarantine donations for 3 days. Since many of our pantries do not have the space or the volunteer capacity to quarantine items, they have requested donations be delivered as listed below. *NOTE: please come back to this site often to view any changes or updates.

Thank youThe Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative would like to thank the Perrigo Company and the Perrigo Company Charitable Foundation for the $50,000 donation! We will continue to help feed those in need in Allegan County. To see the food distribution hours of the Collaborative pantry members visit

See the Perrigo Company press release here 

Goods Donation Center (GDC) – United Way Allegan County – 650 Grand Street, Allegan
Donation drop-off hours: Wednesdays 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Allegan County Food Pantry
Donations accepted at: GDC

Hands of Grace
Donations accepted at: Hands of Grace & GDC

Ladders of Hope
Donations accepted at: Ladders of Hope & GDC

Project Hope
Donations accepted at: Project Hope & GDC

Christian Neighbors – Douglas
Donations accepted at: GDC

Hungry for Christ
Donations accepted at: Hungry for Christ & GDC

The Vine – Christ Community Church
Donations accepted at: The Vine & GDC

St. Vincent dePaul – Otsego
Donations accepted at: GDC

Christian Neighbors – Plainwell
Donations accepted at Christian Neighbors (anytime in food donation box located on the back side of the building) and GDC

Christian Neighbors – Wayland
Donations accepted at Christian Neighbors (Tues 9-4 or call ahead for appointment 269.793.7323) and GDC.

St. Vincent dePaul – Otsego
Donations accepted at: St.Vincent dePaul & GDC

Martin United Methodist Church
Donations accepted at Martin United Methodist Church (call for appointment 269. 672.7097) and will share in the distribution of donations to the GDC.

Love INC – Hamilton and Pullman Locations
Donations accepted at their sites only. Hamilton: donations accepted at Love INC office M-F 9-4p. Pullman: donations accepted M, T, Th 9-2p & Wed, Fri 9-3:30p

Hopkins United Methodist Church
Community response has been generous. At this time, they do not need additional donations.

Epiphany Lutheran Church
At this time, they do not need additional donations.

Community Action House
See donation instructions here

Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative Logo

What is the Collaborative?

The Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative (ACFPC) is funded by the Allegan County Community Foundation and the Perrigo Charitable Foundation.

Need Food Assistance? Look at these brochures:

ACFPC Brochure – English          ACFPC Brochure – Spanish

In 2009 the Allegan County Community Foundation convened the food pantries throughout the county. The economy was reeling from the housing crisis and the pantries were seeing more than twice the clients they were accustomed to. Yet, funding and food resources didn’t improve. In order to address hunger in Allegan County, we would have to work together.

We now have a membership of 16 pantries that serve all corners of Allegan County. The Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative (ACFPC) has been in existence for 10 years and we have seen a tremendous impact on the member pantries and their clients. Quarterly meetings afford the members the opportunity to network, share resources, hear presentations from the very service organizations they are referring their clients to and learn from the experiences of each other.

As the Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative steps up efforts to increase the monetary and financial resources for the member pantries, we are reaching out to develop partnerships for our Community Giving Program. Before we went to the public to ask for help, we had to find out what the public knows about food insecurity in Allegan County. Our findings were very enlightening.

The a poll conducted by the ACFPC brought to light the misconceptions that surround hunger concerns in Allegan County. Highlights of the poll: the majority of those polled are aware of only one pantry in Allegan County — when there are actually more than 20; the average estimate for how many people county-wide receive food from a pantry each month was 3,000 —- the actual number exceeds 7,000; many thought the government provided food or financial resources to local pantries — none of the seventeen pantry members of the ACFPC receive food or money from federal or state resources. These findings are important as the ACFPC steps up efforts to include corporations, small businesses and individuals in our campaign to increase the food resources available for our pantries. Until we can increase the available food and monetary resources, our seventeen member pantries will continue to spend upwards of $250,000 per year on food and supplies to supplement the donations they receive.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Tracey or 269.207.6409.

List of Collaborative pantries

Drives held by the ACFPC

Nearly 7,000 of our friends, neighbors, and family members are served by the member pantries of the Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative. In 2018 more than $134,000 was generated for the member pantries. Join us when you see an opportunity to serve your neighbors in need.

Annual Drives to benefit the families who utilize a member pantry of the Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative:

January & February – Peanut Butter Drive

April – Cereal Drive

July & August – Back to School (supplies) Drive

October – Soup Drive

October & November – Toy Drive for the holidays

Contact person for ACFPC

If you are interested in learning more, volunteering or donating please contact Tracey Robrahn at or 269.207.6409.

Donate to the ACFPC