Student scholarship FAQ’s.

How do I ask for a Letter of Reference?


Choose someone who knows you well. If a scholarship is based on community service, ask someone who works with a non-profit you served. If it is based on academics, ask a teacher who know your character, your dedication, your academic achievements.

Remember, lots of students are asking for letters of recommendation at the same time. Ask

What are some things that may disqualify my application?


Applications submitted after a deadline are always disqualified. Most essays have a   minimum word count – you have to answer with at least a certain number of words – if you don’t, your application is disqualified. Not having the required number of letters of recommendation can result in disqualification.

What is a FAFSA? (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)


To be eligible for a portion of the billions of dollars the federal government provides annually to qualified undergraduate, graduate and professional students, you must complete a FAFSA. The application asks for financial information about you and your parents if you are a dependent. That information is used to calculate your financial need, based on the

Here are some common scholarship abbreviations and terms.


FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid

EFC = Expected Family Contribution

SAR = Student Aid Report (it is generated from your FAFSA application)

Blind Application: when reviewing applications, committee members receive applications with no names. Their discussion and recommendations are unbiased when they don’t know who they are discussing.

Renewable: when a scholarship award is for more


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