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  1. Basic Needs and Rights – 

We strive to ensure that the county’s residents have access to social and health services, healthy nutrition, stable housing, job training and education.

Priority is given to programs that: 

  • Promote individual and family economic security 
  • Increase food security and access to nutritious food 
  • Decrease homelessness through programs that promote diversion and intervention 
  • Improve access to healthcare and human services 
  • Promote healthy relationships and address domestic violence 
  • Support education with access to training, employability skills, and self-care. 
  1. Arts and Culture (performing art, historical organizations, etc.)

We strive to ensure that the county’s residents can access arts and culture experiences to educate and improve overall quality of life. 

Priority is given to programs that: 

  • support and encourage the community to take advantage of the vast variety of arts and cultural programming  
  • community art and music festivals 
  • public art projects, performing arts, visual arts, and dance 
  1. Environment and Conservation (outdoors/nature)

We strive to foster understanding of and promote action on the relationship between the health of the natural world and the health and well-being of our residents. 

Priority is given to programs that: 

  • Preserve and protect environmentally significant lands, waterways, and wildlife habitats – for the benefit not only of the ecosystem, but for the health, livelihood, and enjoyment of residents; 
  1. Economic Development and Placemaking (community enhancements)

We strive to ensure that Allegan County is a place that people want to live in, that families can thrive, and that grown children want to return to raise their families.  

Priority is given to programs that: 

  • Create new, outdoor public spaces and destinations in a community on unused or underused sites.  
  • Support economic development. 
  1. Animal Welfare (care and protection)

We strive to ensure adequate protection, care and humane treatment of animals and wildlife.

Priority is given to programs that: 

  • Provide support of veterinary care for domestic animals, including spay and neuter services, for low-income families and abandoned pets 
  • Encourage responsible pet ownership and the adoption of abandoned animals 
  • Support of healthy wildlife as well as their natural habitats 
  • Make positive, therapeutic connections between people and animals 
  1. Capacity and Sustainability (developing and strengthening skills for growth and adaptability)

We strive to support local nonprofits to reach their goals and maintain long-term sustainability. 

Priority is given to programs that:  

  • Improve efficiency through the implementation of technology (hardware, software, cloud-based and implementation costs) 
  • Enhance staff development 



  • General Operating 
  • Building/Renovation 
  • Equipment 
  • Computer Systems 
  • Land Acquisition 
  • Collections Acquisitions 
  • Program Development 
  • Faculty/Staff Development 
  • Seed Money for new projects/programs 
  • Curriculum Development 
  • Performance/Production 
  • Exhibitions 
  • Technical Assistance 




  1. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (Services, opportunities, or support for individuals 0-18 years old that minimize barriers and/or encourage them to reach their full potential.) 

We strive to ensure that our youth live in a safe and supportive environment (emotionally, intellectually, culturally). They have access to high quality, environmentally rich learning opportunities.  

Priority is given to programs that: 

  • Enhance quality early childhood education and intervention services. 
  • Support mentoring programs that encourage relationships between youth and caring adults. 
  • Support access to programs that promote mental and physical health as well as those that address disconnected youth. 
  • Enhance educational opportunities in science, literacy, arts, and culture, especially those that use experiential learning. 
  • Support post-secondary education access and job readiness. 
  • Support youth-led social change and elevate the voices of youth in program planning. 



  • Equipment 
  • Program Development 
  • Staff Development 
  • Curriculum Development 
  • Technical Assistance 
  • Performance/Production 
  • Exhibitions