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Frequently Asked Questions2019-09-28T17:18:27-04:00
Can I establish a Donor-Advised Fund with my Required Minimum Distribution?2019-09-28T17:11:54-04:00

Unfortunately, the IRS does not yet allow that. You can, however, donate to any other fund of the Foundation.

I am interested in the tax benefits of giving a substantial gift. How can I learn more?2019-09-28T17:10:48-04:00

Because every person’s financial status is different, we would encourage you to talk with your financial advisor before making a gift. There are a number of ways to maximize your tax savings, but they require in-depth knowledge of your finances. We are always happy to meet with you and your advisor to answer questions as you discuss the possibilities.

I would like to make a monthly gift. Is it possible without writing a check each month?2019-09-28T17:09:43-04:00

Absolutely! PayPal offers a recurring gift option when you check out. And you don’t need to have a PayPal account to make an online gift! We also have a designated account for bank account transfers, give us a call and we will provide the details.

My favorite non-profit doesn’t have an endowment, why not?2019-09-28T17:08:41-04:00

Establishing an endowment can be challenging for an organization. While it is a sound option for sustainability, choosing to take today’s funding for tomorrow is difficult. Often, donors establish an endowment for their favorite non-profit. With the help of the Foundation, your initial gift can establish the endowment and we work with the non-profit to promote and grow the endowment. It can be a gift with tremendous impact for a non-profit. Much like our own retirement funds, an endowment provides for a non-profit’s future needs.

I don’t have a lot of money, but I want to do something good with what I have. What can I do?2019-09-28T17:07:50-04:00

Oh, there are a multitude of things you can do! We would start by talking about what level of giving you are comfortable with. We’d talk about what moves you and why you want to give. Then we would show you what your level of giving can do for your community. Call us, let’s start talking!

How do I instill philanthropy in my children?2019-09-28T17:06:56-04:00

We love to involve children in giving! Let’s talk about starting a family fund where you and the kids can decide where your gifts go. Along the way they will learn about non-profits and the services they provide, and more importantly, why they provide those services. It is a fun conversation to start.

If you aren’t ready to start a fund, it can be as simple as making an appointment with the Foundation’s CEO to talk about what we do for kids and see what captures your children’s interests. They can decide how they want to support other youth.

Even more fun, stop by once a month with a dollar or two that the kids can donate themselves. We will let them know how it will be used and what their kindness does for others.

Best of all, kids 12 and up can join the TAG Team!

I donate to several non-profits every year. It gets confusing at times. Is a Donor-Advised Fund right for me?2019-09-28T17:04:24-04:00

A Donor-Advised Fund is a perfect solution for those who are charitably minded. Your giving is simplified into one gift to the Foundation. When you would like to make a donation to another organization, you notify us and we take care of the rest. Learn more about Establishing A Donor-Advised Fund.

I made a gift to one of the administered funds, why am I receiving a tax receipt from the Foundation?2019-09-28T17:02:18-04:00

Because the gift resides with the Foundation for the benefit of the charity or cause you supported. The exception to that is when we administer special project funds like the Hamilton Area Veteran’s Memorial Fund or the Blue Star Trail Fund. Those funds go out over time to cover the costs associated with the project. Part of our service to organizations and donors that have funds with us is to manage the accounting, which includes issuing tax receipts.

Are my gifts tax deductible?2019-09-28T17:00:41-04:00

Yes, to the extent allowable by law at the time of your gift. The Allegan County Community Foundation is a federally recognized, tax-exempt non-profit – EIN: 38-6189947.


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