Types of Grants
Grant Guidelines

Allegan County Community Foundation’s 2021 Grants – a total of $286,554 to 42 organizations – These dollars will support non-profit 501(c) 3 organizations/programs helping Allegan County residents.

LEGACY GRANTS = $198,866 – made possible by several generations of donors over the fifty-five years that the Allegan County Community Foundation has existed.   Support the Legacy Fund to increase future grant awards! Most of the 40 Legacy grants are for operating expenses but specific purposes are noted.

TAG TEAM GRANTS = $52,550 – The Youth Advisory Counsel of the Allegan County Community Foundation is called the TAG Team – Teens Aiding Growth.  Teens from all Allegan County Public Schools are eligible to serve as a TAG Team member and they identified the priorities for the TAG grant funding.  Read more about the TAG Team or support the TAG Team Fund on our web page at www.alleganfoundation.org.  This year 17 TAG Team grants are awarded.

* The organizations indicated by the asterisk (*) below have Endowment Funds held by the Allegan County Community Foundation – more information is available about the organization by following the link.

*Allegan County Historical Society –  $3,000 Legacy

Allegan County Legal Assistance Center – $5,366 Legacy

Allegan Fire District – purchase of a Drone – $4,500 Legacy

Allegan County Central Food Pantry – $3,000 Legacy & $2,500 TAG

The Arc of Allegan County – $6,000 Legacy

Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired – $2,000 Legacy

Bridges of Hope, Allegan County – $5,000 Legacy

*Christian Neighbors SE – $7,000 Legacy

Community Action House – $3,000

Congregational Kitchen – $12,000 Legacy & $3,000 TAG

Episcopal Church, Allegan – Baby Closet – $4,000 Legacy & $2,000 TAG

Feeding America West Michigan – Mobile Food Pantries in Allegan County – $2,500

Fellinlove Farm – Animal Care – $5,000 Legacy

First Presbyterian Church of Allegan – Weekly Lunch Program – $8,000 Legacy & $3,000 TAG

*Forever Curious Children’s Museum – $4,000 Legacy

*Friends of the Blue Star Trail – Trail Construction – $1,000 Legacy

Grant Me Hope – $4,000 Legacy & 6,000 TAG

Growing Roots – $3,500 Legacy

Hungry for Christ – Food Pantry and Warehouse – $12,000 Legacy & $8,000 TAG

Kids’ Food Basket – $2,000 Legacy & $2,000 TAG

Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity – $4,000 legacy & $1,000 TAG

*Martin Area Resource Center – $4,000 Legacy

Meals on Wheels – $3,000 Legacy

Mediation Services – $4,000 Legacy & $1,500 TAG

*Outdoor Discovery Center Network – $5,000 Legacy

Otsego Area Historical Society – $3,000 Legacy

People Helping People of Pullman – $5,000 Legacy & $3,000 TAG

Plainwell First United Methodist Church – Community Free Lunch – $2,000 Legacy

Plainwell TeenServe 2021 – $3,500 Legacy & $1,500 TAG

Project Hope of NE Allegan County – $4,000 Legacy

Renew Therapeutic Riding Center – $5,000 Legacy

*Resilience: Advocates for Ending Violence – $4,000 Legacy & $3,000 TAG

*Safe Harbor Children’s Advocacy Center – $8,000 Legacy & $4,500 TAG

Saugatuck Center for the Arts – $4,000 Legacy

*Saugatuck-Douglas History Center – $5,000 Legacy

St Vincent DePaul Ministry – Food Pantry and Emergency Assistance Program – $4,000 Legacy & $1,250 TAG

*Sylvia’s Place – $10,000 Legacy & 6,800 TAG

*Wings Home, Inc. – $7,500 Legacy & $6,500 TAG

*Wings of Hope Hospice & Palliative Care – $12,000

Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance – $5,000

Allegan County Community Foundation Now and For Ever Fund grants = $20,753 – When it became obvious that 2020 was an unusual year and that 2021 would also cause unique challenges to our non-profit community, Theresa Bray (the ACCF CEO/Executive Director who retired November 2020) and the Allegan County Community Foundation Growth Committee decided a new donation option was needed.  The ACCF Board approved their plan of creating a fund for donors giving them the opportunity to make a forever impact and a now impact.  The Now and For Ever Legacy Fund gifts were divided with half allocated to the Legacy Fund and half directed to grants awarded in the spring of 2021.  The Allegan community response was amazing and made possible additional 2021 grants to the following organizations.

Allegan County Legal Assistance Center = $2,134

Hungry for Christ Food Pantry and Warehouse = $6,331

*Outdoor Discovery Center Network = $2,451

*Sylvia’s Place = $3,200

*Wings Home = $6,500

Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance = $137

Saugatuck Douglas Area Community Fund grants = $1,557 – The SDACF is a geographic affiliate fund of the Allegan County Community Foundation. Donations to the SDACF endowment generate gifts for the non-profit community in Saugatuck and Douglas.

Saugatuck Center for the Arts = $700

*Saugatuck-Douglas History Center = $857

Tobacco Settlement Fund grants = $7,049 – The Allegan County Community Foundation was included in the payout awarded in 2001 to Michigan Community Foundations from a lawsuit settlement from tobacco companies.  Grants from the fund are to be used for area non-profit organizations promoting healthy seniors and healthy youth.

Arbor Circle Corporation = $1,750

Mediation Services = $1,750

*Friends of the Blue Star Trail = $1,000

*Outdoor Discovery Center Network = $2,549

Allegan County Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund grants – Many donors have established funds with the Allegan County Community Foundation with the purpose of recommending grants to be awarded.  Two of the donor advised fund holders opted to add to the ACCF 2021 grants.  More information on establishing a donor advised fund is available here if you would like to join these donors!

*Balas-Sellman Donor Advised Fund = $2,000

Mediation Services = $1,000

*Wings Home = $1,000

*Phillip L. and Paula A. Baker Family Donor Advised Fund = $2,500

*Christian Neighbors SE = $750

Otsego Adventist Community Services (ACS) Center = $1,000

St. Vincent DePaul Ministry = $750

In addition, the Allegan County Community Foundation’s Board approved the funding of $15,000 for the 2*3*4 Scholarship and $18,000 for the Allegan County Food Pantry CollaborativeThe 2*3*4 Scholarship is offered by the ACCF for Allegan County students in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of continuing education.  The deadline for this scholarship is June 14, 2021 with multiple 2*3*4 awards determined in July.  The Allegan County Food Pantry Collaborative continues to be essential to 16 Allegan County food pantries and their clients.