I M P A C T of 2020 Grants!

Around $300,000 annually is awarded to non-profit organizations that serve Allegan County. Legacy grants provide much needed funds for food pantries, hospice care, the care and treatment of children who have endured abuse, protection and shelter for women who have been abused, an introduction to the arts for hundreds of children annually, creative and powerful programs that heal troubled youth, stewardship of natural assets, and so much more. Hundreds of donors who make gifts to the ACCF each year do so knowing their gift is pooled with others’ gifts to leverage the greatest impact.

In 2020, a total of $342,736.80 was awarded in grants! These include Legacy Grants, TAG Grants (grants distributed by the TAG Team – Youth Advisory Council) Donor Advised Grants, Fund Distributions and $10,000 in Feed the Need Allegan County Grants.

Also, the 2020 For NOW and For EVER campaign secured almost $40,000! This means almost $20,000 will go to our 2021 grants (For NOW) and almost $20,000 will go to the Legacy Endowment Fund (For EVER)!

list of 2020 grant recipients