The board and staff of the Allegan County Community Foundation extend their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Marilyn Boyce.

Marilyn Boyce was the epitome of community. When asked three words to describe her mother, Jennifer Boyce was quick to come to the following: generous, active, and involved. Marilyn treasured her friends and her community, she was someone who loved to be in action, whether that meant lunches with friends or volunteering. Being involved in her community allowed Marilyn to give back, be active, and stay in touch with friends.

Boyce moved to Allegan at the age of 11 and was a proud graduate of Allegan High School class of 1953. After returning to the area in 2000, Boyce took her passion for people and got involved within the Allegan community.

Marilyn had a rich background in history. At Michigan State University, she earned her undergraduate degree in History and English and Masters in teaching History and Geography. It was this background, and the influence of her mother, Eva Boyce, that drew Marilyn to the Allegan County Historical Society and the Allegan County Medical Care Community (ACMCC). Marilyn watched her mother and her mother’s friends actively volunteering at the Historical Society, Marilyn soon took the same interest. Boyce began volunteering with ACMCC when her mother was there and continued to do so after her mother’s passing. Her appreciation for the ACMCC never wandered, as Marilyn spent her final days being cared for by the Allegan County Medical Care Community.

Marilyn’s devotion to her community and spirit of philanthropy, has been passed on to her children, Jennifer, and Eric. Both support causes near and dear to their hearts as their mother did. To them, philanthropy allows those who have been fortunate to have an abundance of resources to use those to help improve things for others.

In 2019, Marilyn Boyce anonymously endowed two funds at the Allegan County Community Foundation. One was to benefit the Allegan County Historical Society, and the other was to benefit the Allegan County Medical Care Community. It was important to remain anonymous because Marilyn was not interested in any special treatment or spotlight. It was simple to her, she had the means to give back to a community she loved, and that was enough for her. With the help of her daughter, who was familiar with endowments, they decided this would be a perpetual source of funds for the causes she supported. Upon her passing, the funds were modified to honor her name. We are honored to hold the Marilyn Boyce Endowed Fund for the Allegan County Historical Society and  the Marilyn Boyce Endowed Fund for the Allegan Medial Care Community Activities and Equipment.

As we reflect on Marilyn’s generosity and legacy, we are inspired, honored, and grateful for her impactful contributions to Allegan County. If you are interested in leaving a legacy like Marilyn, please contact our office.