First, with your board, discuss if establishing an endowment is right for your organization. You must be prepared to promote your endowment (as will the Foundation) and develop a plan to fund it. If you don’t plan to fund it, you may redirect donations to establish and endowment that may be too small to ever do you any good. You will miss the impact of the funds used to establish the endowment and the potential of the endowment will never come to fruition.

It is a strategy that needs careful planning and forethought. We can help with that.

Once you decide to establish an endowment, we can really get to work helping it grow. As it grows, we provide routine accounting statements, along with details on each donation received.

Other assistance we can provide:

  • Development of endowment brochures (the first 100 are free of charge)
  • Development of donation envelopes (the first 100 are free of charge)
  • Creation of a fund page on the ACCF website – complete with its own donate button! See some examples of donor fund pages here.
  • Promotion via media releases, the Non-Profit Spotlight, social media and speaking engagements
  • With ever-changing board membership, we are happy to come out and discuss your endowment to new ambassadors of your organization.

Your organization’s assets are pooled with the Foundation’s assets. This practice allows for greater efficiency and protection against fluctuations in market value, as well as enhanced earning power. All assets are under the oversight of experienced, professional investment managers.

Over time, earnings from your endowment will provide a steady stream of resources, enabling your nonprofit organization to accumulate funds for renewal and enhancements of facilities and equipment, carry out long-term planning, respond effectively to unmet needs, or meet any unexpected shortfalls in normal operating support that occurs from time to time.

Each year, a portion of the investment earnings is available for your nonprofit organization to use to meet your ever-changing needs. However, if an individual donor wishes to direct his or her endowment gift to a particular purpose, it is possible to do so within the Community Foundation. Any restrictions on a gift should be discussed with both the Community Foundation and your organization to ensure the donor’s wishes can be carried out.

Call us to start the conversation. It is never to early to plan for the future.