ACCF Legacy Endowment Challenge logoOften times, someone’s first response to hearing what we do, leads them to state how fun it must be to ‘give away money’. Fun, maybe. Humbling, an honor, a challenge – absolutely. The challenge is to determine which organizations receive grants – do you strive for quantity or impact? The next challenge requires strategic consideration when more than $400,000 has been requested, but only $200,000 is available to award. In most cases, the needs haven’t increased, but the cost of providing for those needs has.

The solution is simple. Grow the ACCF Legacy Endowment. The endowment generates the grant dollars that are awarded annually (nearly $8,000,000 since the Foundation was established in 1965). Increasing the endowment increases the grant dollars available to award and in turn, supports the programs so important in our county: hospice care, shelter for domestic violence victims, exposure to the arts, food for the hungry, unique offerings for the mentally or physically challenged, environmental stewardship, education, economic
development and much more.
Because we at the ACCF believe the value of the non-profit sector is unparalleled, the ACCF Board, CEO, staff and committee members have cumulatively pledged $70 for every gift of $50 or more made to the ACCF Legacy Endowment by August 31, 2019. That speaks volumes. We believe so much in the work we do that we are asking for your gift and making our own. Please join us as we pave the way for increased support for the organizations that change lives here in Allegan County.
You can send a check made out to:
PO Box 278, Allegan, MI 49010
Please note “Legacy Challenge” in the memo line.
or visit and click on the Legacy Challenge logo to donate on line.
Please note “Legacy Challenge” in the special instructions.
If you have any questions about the Legacy Challenge please call us at 269.673.8344.
Thank you for helping us respond to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.