Mr. & Mrs. William & Agnes Baillargeon Memorial Fund

Established to recognize the successful careers of Allegan County judges, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Baillargeon, these scholarships provide a variety of awards for student achievements.


Mr. & Mrs. William & Agnes Baillargeon Memorial Fund
c/o Allegan County Community Foundation
112 Locust St.
Allegan MI  49010
Phone: 269.673.8344


  • Hon. George R. Corsiglia Scholarship for Excellence in the Law and Pursuit of Justice – Eligibility: Graduating Allegan County High School students pursuing an education in law, social justice or criminal justice.
  • Hon. Harry Beach Scholarship for Law and Current Events – Eligibility: paralegals, law enforcement personnel, victim advocates, etc. who desire to increase their knowledge of the law. Scholarships can be awarded for seminars, courses and other forms of education law related
  • Hon. Gary Stewart Sr. Grant – for the Promotion of the Law and Prevention of Substance Abuse in Students – Eligibility: Students in grades 7, 8 or 9 attending Allegan Schools Requests should be in the form of a 1) grant for a courtroom visit to expose children to law or 2) grant to promote efforts used to increase children’s knowledge of the law and/or court – an essay contest is an example of this grant or 3) classroom grant that addresses substance abuse education/knowledge for youth.
  • Hon. Stephen Sheridan Grant – to Introduce Elementary Classes to the Law and Functions of Court – Eligibility: Class rooms of grades 1, 2, 3 or 4 in any Allegan County School may apply in word or art.

Gifts may be directed to any of the individual scholarship funds. Please note which fund  your gift should be allocated to.

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