Allegan County Community Foundation Scholarships LogoScholarship funds provide grants for educational purposes to assist individuals within an identified class, such as; residents of a particular region, students attending a specific university or undertaking a selected course of study or type of educational enrichment program. Scholarships are awarded based on a competitive process that may consider such criteria as financial need, academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, educational goals, personal aspirations, and other relevant criteria.  The ACCF Board of Trustees approves scholarship awards upon the recommendation of the Foundation’s Scholarship Advisory Committees.

To establish a non-endowed scholarship fund, the minimum commitment is $10,000, which may be donated over a four-year period. The initial gift to establish must be equal $2,500 or greater and must cover the first two years of scholarships.

The minimum to establish an endowed scholarship is $50,000, which may be donated over a four-year period with the initial scholarship awarded the first year after the balance reaches $50,000.

Establishing a scholarship is rewarding and fulfilling. Contact our office at 269.673.8344 to learn more and see how you can become part of a young person’s success story.

For inspiration, view the scholarship funds currently administered by the Foundation.