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Popke Family Otsego High School Scholarship – 

Renewable and Non-Renewable Scholarships are both available. Amounts vary.

 Years of planning by Emil “Bud” Popke resulted in a generous scholarship fund that provides for dozens of Otsego graduates annually. Every graduating Otsego student is eligible for a Popke scholarship.

Otsego — you would be crazy not to apply! Almost everyone who is eligible receives a scholarship…but only if you apply!

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, you will find all the information you will need HERE.

This scholarship also requires a recommendation letter, follow this link for the recommendation letter form.

Applicant: Complete this section prior to sending this request to each of the two non-family references you have asked for a recommendation.

Applicant: your one page SAR (FAFSA Student Aid Report) must be to your counseling office by March 13th.

Be sure to read through all the information. The software we use will let you know ALL of the scholarships you are eligible for! But, you must complete the individual requirements for each scholarship to have your application submitted. Take your time and be sure to follow-through.