BEFORE you apply for a scholarship, here are a few things you should know:Allegan County Community Foundation Scholarships Logo

You must be an Allegan County student or graduate or a Bloomingdale Area School student.

Scholarships are competitive. Just like in a job interview, you need to impress the people reviewing your scholarship. You need to convince them that you have earned that scholarship. Here is a simple checklist to help you submit the best scholarship application possible:

» Check scholarship deadlines here! Schedule time to work on them so you aren’t feeling the stress of having to submit a last minute, poor quality application.

» When an essay question says there is a minimum of 250 words…use 250 words! That condition is in place to help you tell us about yourself, your ideas, and your experiences. This is where you can set yourself apart from the rest of the applicants.

» Proofread! We all have spellcheck. When errors are throughout your application it shows disrespect for the person or people who worked hard for the money they donated to make your scholarship possible.

» Put a respectable amount of time into your application. Wouldn’t you rather spend a couple hours creating a great scholarship application that could result in a $1,000 (or more!) scholarship, than work 120 hours ($1,134) for minimum wage???

» And if you are thinking. “meh, I will just take out more loans” you are going to have financial struggles the minute you complete your schooling.

» If you have to have letters of recommendation…ask someone who knows you well and can sing your praises…ask them early…go back to them to be sure they have submitted your recommendation BEFORE it is due. If they don’t get your recommendation in before the deadline, your application is disqualified. Don’t let that happen! Stay diligent and make sure your recommendations have been submitted.

» Pay attention to our application process. The initial data you input allows the system to determine which scholarships you are eligible for. Once it tells you, you still have to complete the requirements for the individual applications. The nice thing is you don’t have to repeat the initial data input again. You just have to fill out a few essay questions. Don’t leave those scholarships hanging out there. Discipline yourself. This is an important task that will benefit you forever.

» Don’t have the best GPA? Very few of these scholarships are based on academic excellence. You have something to offer. Give yourself a chance and apply. You might not get one, but what if you do?!

» Ready? Good luck!