Allegan County Community Foundation Teen Advisory Council or TAG Team


In 1994 the W.K. Kellogg Foundation issued a challenge to community foundations throughout Michigan with the goal of engaging youth in philanthropy. The Kellogg Foundation offered to match up to $1,000,000 raised to establish a youth fund. Thanks to the generosity of two Perrigo executives, Mike Jandernoa and Bill Swaney, the funds were secured and the Youth Advisory Council [TAG Team] was born the next year.

In 2020 we celebrated 25 Years of Giving.

Over 200 local students have been members of the TAG Team.

In the last 25 years students from throughout Allegan County have come together to learn about the needs of their peers, share their talents and time to perform community service, and award over $700,000 in grants.

TAG created a change in my heart for service that has lasted beyond my time on the Team.

— Kyler

Who we are:

We are 12 – 18 year-old Allegan County students who have made a commitment to represent our peers and our communities.

What we do:

Community Service

  • Each year we determine what community service projects we want to take on based on the impact it will have on our peers.


  • The TAG Team is responsible for the review and recommendation of over $50,000 a year in grants to non-profits that serve Allegan County youth.

TAG showed me how giving back to the community affects you just as much as those in need.


TAG Scholarship

  • The only known youth-designed, youth-driven scholarship program. Scholars are chosen by TAG Team members based on their academic efforts and community service.

TAG Scholarship LogoThe first TAG Team scholarship was given out in 2006 to an Allegan County graduate. The funds for this scholarship were made possible by the passion and hard work of the members of the TAG Team. They are committed to supporting their peers in their pursuit of a higher education. Graduating seniors of an Allegan County high schools are eligible to apply for the annual scholarship. (TAG members, past or present, are not eligible.) The scholarship must be used to defray college costs (tuition, books, and room/board) in the student’s freshman year. This scholarship is not renewable.


  • Applicants must be an Allegan County high school senior
  • Applicants must intend to be a full-time college/trade school student
  • The ideal TAG Team scholarship winner will be one who has put forth effort academically, has shown leadership ability, and makes community service a priority.

Donations to the TAG Team Scholarship Fund will be used to award scholarships for student leaders throughout Allegan County. Donate here.

Youth Leadership

  • TAG Team members participate in leadership opportunities that support, encourage and remind us that we all make choices and that confidence, kindness and self-respect lead to healthy choices.

TAG Team members are passionate about the responsibility they have to represent their peers. More than 30 non-profits submit grant applications every year. These applications contain a wide variety of services for youth throughout the county: grief therapy, shelter in times of domestic violence, the provision of diapers/socks/clothes and food, physical and emotional therapy, literacy initiatives, and much more.

To sit down and learn the story’s that don’t even compare to that of our history books is a memory I’ll never forget. Their stories will forever live on through us.


TAG Team grants are generated by the ACCF Youth Endowment Fund.

The ACCF Youth Fund Endowment Fund and the TAG Team Scholarship Fund are invested under the direction of the Allegan County Community Foundation.

ACCF Youth Endowment Logo

Gifts to the ACCF Youth Fund are endowed, assuring future generations of the programs and services available for a healthy and supportive childhood.

TAG Grant logo

Gifts to the ACCF TAG Team Scholarship Fund are awarded to Allegan County graduating seniors based on their academic efforts and community service. TAG Team members created the scholarship fund and conduct the review and interviews themselves.

Being on the TAG team has opened my eyes to all of the challenges people can face and made me realize how much of an impact a small group of people can make.